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Commercial Fleet Auto Body Repair

Commercial trucks represent the brand of your company. They are visible out on the road, parked on the side of the street, and in a parking lot. It can cost businesses thousands of dollars in lost revenue when the vehicles are in the repair shops and not on the road. In addition, commercial vehicles see more miles than most other vehicles and as a result they tend to end up in the shop more often with more scratches and dings.

Maintaining your commercial vehicles appearance speaks a lot about the work you do. To a customer, the condition of your equipment is a sign of the quality of the work you are doing. If your cars or trucks look beat-up, then it sends a negative impression to your customers.

Whether it’s a wrap or a custom paint job, you don’t want to cut corners with body work. It needs to be as professional and look good as new. However, not every auto body repair shop is able to handle commercial vehicles so you should do your research before you choose the right auto body shop for your business. For example, at Tom’s Custom Auto Body we have an over-height spray booth to handle larger vehicles. It’s always important to have the right equipment to get the job done correctly.

We are able to service any company, big or small, and get the vehicle back on the road as fast as possible. We can handle smaller businesses like Emelles Catering who trust us with their vehicles – whether it’s a van or an oversized food truck. We can fix them and get them back on the road.

For larger companies that have hundreds of vehicles, its that is important that they know thier brand. It takes knowable and expert technicians to be able to customize the correct colour shade or apply a wrap without taking the paint off with it. You can count on us using the latest methods, skills, and equipment to leave your vehicle looking brand new.

Not even big companies like Shaw can afford to have their vehicles out of commission for long and that’s why companies should carry over $2,000 of Loss of Use insurance on their vehicles. Loss of Use covers your expenses to replace the vehicle while yours is being repaired. It will protect you and your business from unnecessary costs.

When your commercial vehicle gets into a collision, you don’t want it off the streets for long. You want your vehicle fixed and back on the road where it is making you money. We will ensure that your vehicle is fixed using environmentally, state-of-the art paint that will match the rest of your vehicle. Our experienced and dedicated technicians can handle all types of businesses, both big and small, whatever your need may be. 

Give Us a Call: 604-931-3441