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2016 BMW X5 Body Repair

Hi I'm Alex Wardle of Tom’s Custom Autobody in Port Coquitlam. Today I'm going to talk about a BMW X5.

This is a 2016 BMW X5 35D, so this is the last generation of the diesel that BMW is going to make and so what we’ve got here, I’m just going to bring up some photographs of it. So what we’ve got here is, a customer of ours that in December had been sideswiped by someone and so this is a very busy individual and we actually have a valet estimating team that went out to his office, took a look at it and out initial shots show here that we’ve got a damaged door and there was a little bit of damage on the rocker panel. So we went back to the shop, did up the estimate and found out that the rocker panel was backordered, so we ordered that in from Germany and we scheduled an appointment for him three weeks later. He and we discussed that it was probably better for him to drive his nice X5 instead of one of our courtesy cars, not that our courtesy cars are bad but not much beats his X5. And so he stayed in his car for three weeks while the part came from Germany. So this is a photograph of the the truck here in one of our stalls here in the store and as you can see here, the driver’s side door shell is crunched and the body lines by the arrow there don’t match up and so our assessment on the road was right. We had a new door shell and with BMW’s you actually don’t replace the outer skin you’ve got to replace the door shell. This door shell was to the point where we really didn’t want to give the customer the car back with the door repaired and filled with Bondo and just wasn’t going to make for a nice repair, so we ordered a new shell from BMW. We also took a look at this rocker damage and you can see here that the lower portion of the door, where the black arrow is, was damaged, and that was the piece we had backordered. So when we start a repair, a couple things to note that when we start repair on something like this we use a large welding blanket there just to protect the interior of the car from any sparks or any Bondo or anything getting in the car. We also noticed that when we pulled off the rocker, you can see down here there is some bare metal scraped in here, on the very bottom of the rocker panel and that shows that there was actually hidden damage in behind and so we actually ran into a couple of parts that we didn’t for see that also had to come from Germany. So those came in. There is only so much x-ray estimating that you can do when the car is in until you get it torn down. So those came in and you can see here that we actually had to pull the rocker back out and then we repaired it and then refinished it. One of the big things with this car is with this white, is that we were not only are we painting the door, but we were then refinishing the fender and the rear door, just to ensure that the colour match is perfect when it goes back to our customer. So after a week of waiting in the store while we had the parts come in, we have a finished product here, this BMW X5, you can see here the body lines on the door are all lined up and we’ve painted the rear door, front door and the fender and got this car looking back to brand new. This X5 only had 3000 kilometres on it and so we got it back to our customer looking great and he’s happy and that was it. So this is a picture of our new store in Port Coquitlam, I thought I’d include this today and that just shows you this is where this vehicle went. We specialize in high end vehicles at this store which would be Lexus, BMW and Mercedes and that was the story of that vehicle.

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