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2014 Lexus RX350 Vandalism

Hi, I'm Alex Wardle of Tom’s Custom Autobody in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia. I'd like to talk a little bit about key scratches which is something that I’ve got some experience with; I guess the target vehicle today was a 2014 Lexus RX350.

This vehicle was like a lot of vehicles out there, the customer had damage on it that he didn’t realize was so bad. It came into our store and we had a look at it we kind of formulated the car been keyed across the car. The original thought that the scratches could just be polished out and unfortunately with key scratches they really can’t. So I’m going to bring up some photos here and just show you. So this is the subject vehicle, it’s a 2014 Lexus RX350 and the colour on it is silver lining metallic; it’s got a specific flake, it’s a very nice colour and it’s very common in our marketplace here in metro Vancouver, very common car and so what had happened was this gentleman’s car had been at the, at one of the larger shopping centres and it came back and his car looked like it had been vandalized and it was clearly vandalized, you can see here that one key scratch coming across the back door, someone had gone so far as to actually physically key scratch the front bumper and damage across the back door and our customer knew that the damage on the front bumper, he knew that this damage on the front bumper could not be polished out. He figured that he had to have that painted but over here on the doors the damage actually looked not as significant, he thought that these scratches just could be buffed out which is a real common, which is a real common kind of thought from consumers is that the damage is never as bad as it is. Well if you run your nail across the scratch, what happens is if it sticks on that clear coat, that shows you that the scratch has gone through the coats of clear and actually down to the base layer of paint and actually has damaged that paint base layer of this silver lining metallic so essentially what has to happen is this car ends up having to be refinished and so at the advice that, at our advice he made a comprehensive claim with his insurance provider, his deductible was fairly minimal, I think it was $300, relative to the total damage on the car so if we go back to the photo of the car, essentially he had damage, key scratch damage from the front bumper across the fender and across the two doors and onto the rear quarter. So it didn’t look all that bad when you looked at the car but when, once you saw the dollar value of the repair it was quite extensive, it was about $4,500 in damage and essentially here’s the finished product. We ended up having to repaint the quarter by the tail lights, the back doors as I suggested and then we also repainted the front bumper and this is car just after it had been demasked and come out of the spray booth. So it’s a fairly significant amount of damage and it requires, it requires, really this car took about three to four days of work to actually prep and get the whole side of the car ready to be refinished and then there’s a whole extensive process around matching this, matching this metallic, getting it right because you’re painting the side of the car and obviously, you know it’s something that we guarantee so we want to make sure that the preparation is done, it’s done really well and all of the, all of what makes this paint job good really comes into the prep work, comes into everything that happens before it goes into the spray booth and then our painter will come in and paint it and refinish it and then when it comes out it actually now goes into our detail department where it is here now and it actually gets polished and so it goes back to the customer looking great. It should come back just looking like it’s came out of the, came out of the show room.

In this case we didn’t have to blend onto the hood because there was very little damage on the front fender but we would’ve blended the colour through the front fender, we also then would have painted the bumper, the doors and so forth so even if there’s a little bit of damage, generally if that damage is within 14 inches of the other panel we would blend the colour across, especially with the metallic because the metallic flakes will land differently than when it was first, when it first went through the factory and so it’s really important that if you don’t want to see a difference in the colour of the metallic that you blend as much as possible and that allows for a really good refinish.

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